Combines cyber security and surveillance systems in a single application
Monitors your surveillance systems without compromising security
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Why do you need NVRBOX?

It is hard to manage more than one surveillance system


It is even harder if these systems are different

Risks when your surveillance system is not operational

  • Failure to submit evidence upon customer sue
  • Failure to provide evidence in case of customer complaints
  • Failure to provide evidence in case of all accidents of employment

Risks when more than one NVR is in your surveillance system

  • Difficulty to control increasing number of servers and number of cameras
  • Multiple software use due to different types of NVRs
  • Delays in error detection in case of failures
  • Secondary plan for systems might be necessary in order to assure existing NVRs

What does NVRBOX do?

Combines cyber security and surveillance systems in a single application


Monitors your surveillance systems without compromising security

  • Connects to NVR devices every minute and monitors their health status
  • Captures images from each camera
  • Checks the status of discs
  • Checks license status of both NVR and the cameras
  • Instantly notifies with email / SMS or via customer's ERP system in case of errors or failures
  • Presents all the data numerically and graphically on NVRBOX portal

NVRBOX Features


  • Security layer for Surveillance System
  • Backup Nx and Nx Powered VMS into NVRBOX
  • Recover nvr system by restoring any of archived backups.
  • Monitors all NVR systems in the network
  • Tracks KPIs from all NVRs in the network
  • Tracks errors (e.g. disc, license, hardware etc)
  • Object Detection: Count of them (e.g. person, car, truck etc)
  • Supports all NVR Types*
  • Combines different location cameras in one window
  • Cloud Solution
  • On Premises solutions
* All NVR type can be added to the system if the NVR supports


Standalone Cloud
Dedicated to ONE Customer YES NO
Customizable YES NO
Backup & Restore (NVRs) YES YES
Payment Method Annual Monthly - Annual
Minimum NVR Package Size 20 2

Supported NVR Types

NVR Type Version
NX Witness 4.1 - 3.2
Hanwha Wisenet Wave 4.1 - 3.2
Digital Watchdog DW Spectrum 4.1 - 3.2
All NX Powered Products 4.1 - 3.2


Perfect for enterprises

  • Dedicated to ONE Customer
  • Customizable
  • Minimum NVR Package Size 5


Vision Object AI converts your camera feed to a numbers in your reports. It counts your important objects and reports to you

Features Are:

  • 10,000 Checks is free for new registrants
  • For all accounts every day 100 checks will be added
  • Person count
  • Customer count
  • Objects Count (Dog, Bicycle, Suitcase, etc)
  • In every seconds, identify objects in your camera
  • Create custom Warnings
  • Schedule warnings
  • Mail is sent when a warning is occurred
  • HeatMap of your Objects
  • Crossing Counter (Person, vehicle, etc)
  • Intrusion detection
  • Smart Building solutions according to Objects

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